Occupation(s) Freelance Writer:
Spouse Andrea Maria Laufenberg: Swiss/American
Children Amanda, Natalie, Danny & Denise
Grandchildren Michael, Devon, Carson, Noelle, Avery, McKinley, Allison, Mason
Education Broward Community College, A.S. Paralegal. 1986-’88
Born September 18, 1945; Rockville Centre, L.I., New York
Religious Affiliation Christian: Baptist
Recreation Weights, speed-bag, heavy-bag, running, tennis, basketball, handball
Work Experience U.S. Marine Corps: 1962-1965 Amateur boxer Cherry Point, N.C.
Carpenter 1966-1972 & Professional boxer 1966-’72, Las Vegas, NV. M.B. FL
Carpenter 1972-1983, Local 452, Vancouver, B.C & Local 586, Sacramento, CA.
Real Estate Sales Oakridge Rlty; IBM Realty, Citrus Heights, CA. 1979-1983
Carpenter Ft. Lauderdale, FL 1983-1990 Legal Assistant:1987
Auto Sales Atlanta, GA. Legal Assistant, Stockbridge, GA. 1999 Legal Assistant-freelance
Mortgage Broker Mortgage Broker: Patriot Lending, 2004-2006
Real Estate Sales Real Estate Salesman: Tropic Shores Realty 2004-2016.

GUNS:The first legislation I would introduce would be a complete and absolute ban on all assault rifles, no gun shows shall be allowed in Florida. In 2019 it is (still) as easy to buy a gun as it is a Coca-Cola, as both require only one thing: money. I will ban all gun-shows in Florida, where all laws appear to have loopholes, like the one that refers to the sale of firearms by private sellers, including gun shows, if they meet federal requirements for background checks. Federal law requires that background checks be done for any commercial sales but not for private party sales, and therein lies the loophole, created because at private party sales any person can sell any firearm to any unlicensed resident of the same state as long as they don’t have a reasonable doubt that the purchaser should be prohibited from receiving or possessing firearms under Federal law. In other words, a gun salesman selling these killing machines for profit, at a gun show is given no reason to believe that he has to run a background check on anyone, as long as “anyone” has a Florida driver’s license, and so, he doesn’t because, after all, this gun salesman is in business to “make money.” And the Republicans appear to agree with him.

HEALTH CARE: We have a healthcare crisis here in America. People are literally dying because they have no health insurance and our system is broken because of the fact that too many people have no insurance and many that do have insurance also have co-pays that are far too high and this includes senior citizens on Medicare where the co-pays threaten to take human lives because prescription medications that cost too much. We need Universal Health Care, Single Payer, something that is long overdue in this country. I personally lived under this system for eight years, in Vancouver, B.C., Canada and it cost me nothing to have two children there. Seven years later I and my wife had two children in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and the hospital bills alone cost me around $5,000, which I ended up paying when I sold my house because the hospital had recorded a lien against me.

EDUCATION: Florida, as in all America, needs an educated workforce and we need to abolish Florida’s right-to-work laws that enable employers to have all the rights to pay, treat and fire their employees at will. We can build the economy of the future and attract lasting jobs that pay high wages in Florida but only with proper workers who have been educated for their ascribed jobs and are working for companies who ascribe to the democratic principles we all know are beneficial both to the workers and to the companies. This means workers who the employers know are trained properly and this means unions need to make sure their tradesmen are trained and know it because they, the unions themselves train them in an apprenticeship program and also make sure that their trained workers are paid a fair wage, the stated, prescribed rest breaks and lunch break, during their workday and cannot be fired for no reason. These standards of work benefit both the employer and employee and will be authenticated in contracts signed by the union president and the employer. As far as Florida’s antiquated “right to work law,” this is what MLK Jr., said about that: “Capitalism does not permit an even flow of economic resources. With this system, a small privileged few are rich beyond conscience, and almost all others are doomed to be poor at some level. That’s the way the system works. And since we know that the system will not change the rules, we are going to have to change the system.”—Martin Luther King Jr.

CIVIL RIGHTS: Human Beings are all equally treated in a democratic world and the Democratic Party has a history of standing up for all human beings, no matter what their race, gender or financial status; especially women and their families. It’s in The Reconstruction Amendments, the 13th, 14th & 15th to the United States Constitution, adopted between 1865 and 1870, the five years following the Civil War. We must safeguard these rights of any and all citizens including any and all human beings whose rights have been taken from them for the wrong reasons and accord the same human rights to all people despite their race, religion or gender identity.

VOTING RIGHTS: The Democratic Party has a long history of fighting to retain the right to vote for its members and the Democratic Party also has a history of fighting against voter suppression and must continue to fight for a system whereby all elections are free and totally accessible to everyone: that they are fair and every eligible voter has his or her vote accepted and counted. And we, the Democratic Party, will not accept the legislation passed that now creates a wall between ex-felons receiving their right-to-vote once again, after a majority of voters approved the legislation before the Republican majority quickly slid in their untimely legislation that nullified what 65% of voters had voted for.

CLIMATE CHANGE: All Floridians must stand firm to demand their elected state officials of the Florida State legislature propose, submit and caucus for bills that will make laws that no longer threaten the natural resources this State has: clean water, agricultural lands, lakes, streams and oceans and clean, healthy air. Polluting these natural resources, as has been done by allowing oil companies to drill in the oceans endangers the entire environmental assets, of which many contribute largely to the health of Florida’s economy to this very day, not to mention the future. The economy will not prosper if the environment continues to be mistreated, as the Republicans, following lockstep in Donald Trumps footsteps are doing: passing every bill only and because they, themselves benefit personally and/or financially from it and denying there is such a “lie” to them, as climate change.

VETERANS: I, myself, am a veteran of the Marine Corps and the Veteran’s Hospital in Brooksville, as well as around this country, is understaffed, overworked and totally unreliable. My best friend, a Vietnam Veteran, when he was in a Miami VA Hospital, told me of his uncaring, despicable treatment by everyone there save one nurse. He was inside the hospital for well over a year and barely made it out, only to die less than a year later. We need improvements at all VA Hospitals, especially for those who can’t afford a private health insurance plan, which almost all the vets I know, including myself, have chosen over the VA. VA care has got to be drastically improved.

IMMIGRANTS:There are too many immigrants living in Florida that are terrified that they will be sent back to their native countries. We must find a way to restore immigrants who have been working here for many years, legally, paying taxes and breaking no laws, an easy way to obtain citizenship and especially their children, and all children in America who are dependent on their parents not only for survival but for the love and the upbringing therein required. Donald Trump, a man who tells his variety of the truth, had a grandfather who immigrated from Germany, along with his grandmother. When his wife got homesick, Frederick Trump, Trump’s grandfather, returned to Germany with her but was “forced” to return to America, when the German government realized he hadn’t fulfilled his military duty in Germany. They returned to Queens where his grandfather began buying up real estate. I wonder what would have happened to Donald J. if his grandfather had been treated as his grandson now treats immigrants?

SPECIAL INTERESTS:Donald Trump is, as everyone (with a functioning brain) realizes, a liar who lies constantly, even as many local politicians, like Ingoglia, copy him. We must present bills in Tallahassee, as well as in Washington, D.C, that will stress character above politicians interested only in themselves and who deal with lobbyists with special interests in an unhealthy and illegal manner and that, as the Constitution proclaims: these politicians are accountable to the citizens of America and not to the lobbyists and must enact lawful legislation that listens to their constituents: the people — and only to the people. When I find them out I will speak the truth to the public — at all times.

My name is Keith G. Laufenberg, I am a life-long democrat who is running to replace Blaise I Ingoglia, the Republican representative currently serving as a member of the Florida House of Representatives, representing the 35th District; which is the majority of Hernando County.
I would ask for your vote to replace Ingoglia, not just because he is a Republican and I am a Democrat but because he has a terrible voting record. For example, Ingoglia voted for a 2017 bill that would have made a joke of the so-called Sunshine Law, which makes it unethical and forbidden to have allowed government officials to meet and discuss “public business” in secret, as he voted for a bill that actually would have legalized these meetings and Ingoglia and his Republican allies won a majority of the votes in the House for this bill, but, luckily, they did not win the necessary two-thirds approval and the Senate did not take it up.
In November of 2018, in a referendum, Florida voters voted to approve Amendment 4 to the Florida Constitution allowing convicted felons who completed all terms of their sentence, including parole or probation, the right to vote, except those convicted of murder or a felony sexual offense. But, 6 months later, SB 7066, passed on May 3, 2019, in the House, just a few days after the Senate had passed it and it totally destroyed the original bill because it now makes all ex-felons liable to pay any restitution, court costs, fines and any other fees ordered by a judge.” The original amendment, the one that the voters voted on had stated voting rights would be restored once “all terms of their sentence including parole or probation” were complete. There was no mention of court costs or fees. Ingoglia was one of the many Republicans who voted for the (new) restrictions, a bill that literally handcuffs many ex-felons from ever getting their voting rights back. And, just for your information: in the State of Florida they suspend your driver’s license if you fail to pay a ticket of any kind and one of the main reasons is because Florida funds itself through these fines and it needs to stop treating courts as revenue centers and fully and fairly fund the courts through general revenue instead of creating new types of fines and fees. Over the past three decades, what might be the largest increase in court costs nationwide has done nothing but endanger more of the public by creating drivers who, knowing they have a suspended license and can’t afford to pay the fine, actually drive even more erratically because of it. Florida funds its court clerks almost entirely from fines and fees and presently has over 115 different types of fees and surcharges, the second highest number in the country. I will submit bills targeting such nonsense because it not only affects the public in this way it also, obviously, effects the judges’ decisions, when they know they and their court clerks will be much better (financially) off, if they order higher fines. The trouble, of course, is that not all the public can afford to pay these high fines and a problem in their lives occurs and all caused because we cannot admit that we must change our system into a more democratically connected to the public system than relying, once again, in Capitalism, which has shown it’s ugly face far too many times for anyone to further deny its existence.
Blaise Ingogolia voted yes on HB 527, a bill that passed the House 69-47, in April, and it, along with Senate Bill 168, which passed the Senate 22-18 prohibits cities from enacting “Sanctuary” Policies. These bills, combined, will effectively force local and state law enforcement officials into becoming federal immigration agents. They will create a hostile environment in Florida and will cause the majority of the immigrant community to leave the state as a result, which will result in large economic losses for the State of Florida, especially in agriculture and construction. This will create a “show me your papers” kind of mentality as it becomes a law, very similar to the Senate Bill in Arizona that turned their local law enforcement into “immigration officials,” giving them the powers to reel in undocumented immigrants, which has been documented throughout this country, thanks to our media.
Just why the Republican majority passed these bills is totally illogical because if just 10 percent of these undocumented immigrants leave Florida, it will mean that the state will lose $76.7 million in federal taxes, and $44.7 million in state and local taxes. In total, Florida will lose $3.5 billion in Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
This would include an estimated 44,598 employed workers, whose departure will reflect a $1.4 billion loss in wage earnings. State-wide, business owners in industries such as construction, real estate, short & long-term rentals and restaurant and food services will be the first to suffer huge losses, including 28,000 jobs that are dependent on undocumented immigrant consumers and supporters of industry. These indirect job losses will result in another $911.4 million losses in wage earnings for the State of Florida.
The economic loss as it relates to jobs, earnings, taxes, and GDP is proportional to the number of undocumented immigrant workers that will leave the State of Florida.
Other bills Ingoglia has voted on are equally as non-proportional when you consider that these bills are not only breaking families apart they are losing money for the very people, including many Republican, business owners who introduce the bills, vote for them, and then complain when their businesses go under. This is something I refer to as the “Donald Trump mentality,” which speaks for itself.
Blaise Ingoglia, on March 7, 2018, voted No, on SB 7026, the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act, which passed the house, thankfully, without his vote. Here is what he voted no on: The bill (Chapter 2018-3, L.O.F.) comprehensively addresses the crisis of gun violence, including but not limited to, gun violence on school campuses. The Legislature intends to address this crisis by providing law enforcement and the courts with the tools to enhance public safety by temporarily restricting firearm possession by a person who is undergoing a mental health crisis and when there is evidence of a threat of violence, and by promoting school safety and enhanced coordination between education and law enforcement entities at the state and local level.
Many Republicans voted to approve this bill but anything at all limiting gun rights, in any fashion, even to the mentally ill, is enough for Ingoglia to vote against.
On Jan 12, 2018, Ingoglia voted Yes on HB9 which prohibits local Sanctuary policies and basically requires all counties to actually arrest immigrants.
On April 20, 2017 Ingoglia voted No on HB 743, a simple bill which banned Anabolic Steroids from being injected into Greyhounds. Thankfully, the bill passed the house, 84-32. No animal lover is Ingoglia, that’s for sure.
On Feb. 3, 2016, Ingoglia voted Yes on HB 163, which authorizes the Open Carry of Firearms, which passed the House 80-38, of course the Republican majority carried it.
On April 27, 2015, HB 1205 was passed 82-34, with Ingoglia voting Yes for a bill that Amends Hydraulic Fracking Regulations. For those who are unfamiliar with this procedure; the dust from the sand used in the fracking fluid can become airborne and is dangerous to breathe. Hydrocarbons – such as benzene and toluene – also get into the atmosphere and can cause leukemia and other types of cancer as well as other health problems.
On Jan 27, 2017 Ingoglia voted Yes to authorize Hydraulic Fracking, but, a little over a year later, on March 10, in 2018, HB191 “died” in the Transportation and Tourism Appropriations Subcommittee.
As a candidate to be your representative in the Florida State House of Representatives, I will work towards having safer schools & neighborhoods and eliminate human trafficking and online predators. We desperately need common sense gun laws and I will work to pass laws that totally outlaw the sale of any military style automatic or semi-automatic rifles and handguns and place severe restrictions on carrying any such weapons inside automobiles, workplaces, malls, churches, schools or any other public facility, other than county or state policemen and/or security guards with weapons permits. I will actively pursue bills that expand treatment and prevention of opioid addiction and the sale and manufacture of opioids and introduce bills to expand treatment and prevention, holding manufacturers accountable for illegal shipments and sale of these opioids over the counter.
I will; introduce and actively pursue bills that take action against hate crimes and workplace discrimination whether it be in person or online because ignoring it severely increases online crimes, and I will introduce bills that will severely limit or totally ban robo-calls targeting seniors and others who may end up losing their life-savings just from answering a telephone call and giving out information that these Internet scam-artists will seize upon to lie, cheat and steal as much as they possibly can.
In short, I will ask for your vote and, if you disagree with me, then, I would ask you to contact me and state your reasons for disagreement and what it is you expect from a House Representative in Hernando County?. I’ve lived in Spring Hill, in Hernando County since 2003 and am very familiar with the economy, the life-styles and the people, because I am one of them. If we cannot agree, or if you believe your vote really doesn’t count I will just say this: At last count, the population of District 35 was 186,553. Blaise Ingoglia is the State House Rep in District 35 and he won the election, last year, 2018, by getting 43,769 votes to the democratic nominee’s 27,570 votes. The total of both party’s votes totals 71,339. That leaves 115,214 people who did not vote in District 35’s election for the State House of Representatives. So, I ask you to vote, just vote, it counts; believe me, it counts.